Background and purpose

It's time for Korea to shift from a catch-up economy to a leading economy.

  1. The traditional catch-up economy of advanced countries reached the limit.
  2. Countries around the world compete fiercely to secure future-leading growth engines.

The core of the digital transformation, Korea’s future food is “software”

  1. 2022 World’s Top 10 Companies : Complete weight shift from manufacture/HW to SW(4 SW flagship companies in the top 5)
  2. World's 10th-largest economy vs. 0.9% (16th) of the Korean SW market.
  3. Improving the constitution to a SW-centered high value-added industry through digital transformation, and laying the foundation for sustainable innovation growth is urgent.

  4. 1. Apple 2. Microsoft 3. Saudi Aramco 4. Alphabet(Google) 5.
    SW + HW SW Energy SW SW
    6. Berkshire Hathaway 7. United Health 8. Tesla 9. Johnson & Johnson 10. ExxonMobil
    Finance Health care HW Health care Energy
    Financial Healthcare HW Healthcare Energy
    ※ Top 10 Global Companies by Market Capitalization in December 2022
    ※ Energy and healthcare companies made strides due to the COVID-19 and Ukraine crisis, but SW companies still lead the global market.

SW Business Fair that opens the front line of digital transformation

  1. Since it was first held in 2016, it has grown by more than 10% every year(Number of participating companies and visitors)
  2. It has established itself as the professional international SW business exhibition with maximum localization
  3. Discovery of innovative technologies/companies and BMs including Ai, Big Data, Metaverse, and NFT

Expected effect of Soft Wave in Korea’s Software Show

  1. Creating a global market for SW and SW convergence industries that will lead the future economy
  2. Innovative technologies, services, business models, startup debuts, and market entry
  3. Testbeds of public/private R&D performance, and a place for commercialization and finding partners(It will be held simultaneously with the Ministry of Science, and ICT‘s “S/W Week” event)
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