PR plan

3D advertisements, event branding, and promotion of participating companies.

We conduct aggressive promotions so that many customers can visit the Softwave exhibition hall.
Intensive advertising to target customer groups to promote business, and to attract wide interest
We are actively supporting the promotion of participating companies as well as self-notification of the event, including media reports.

Media advertising

  • Naver display ads
  • Google GDN ads
  • YouTube instream ads
  • SKT text message ads(200,000 cases)
  • Facebook banner ads
  • TV ads
  • electronic newspaper on/offline ads

Target PR

  • E-mail newsletter(eDM)
    • - Eletronic News
    • - Korea Software Industry Association
    • - K-ICT Born2Global
    • - K-ICT Startup Mentoring Centre
    • - Korea Commercial Software Association
    • - The Federation of Korean Information Industries
    • - Korean Association for Intellectual Property Services
    • - Korea Information & Communication Technology Industry Association
    • - Korea Internet & Security Agency etc

Press report

  • Operating PR agency
    • - TV news
    • - daily newspapers
    • - economic journals/magazines
    • - internet media

  • supporting electronic newspapers PR
    • - Articles of participating companies

Naver display ads

SKT text message ads

E-mail newsletter(eDM)

Press report

Promotional videos

outdoor electronic board ads