Digital Document Conference


The Association and the electronic document industry would like to hold a “digital document conference” in order to integrate into the digital age in full-swing and expand the meaning and scope of “electronic documents”. This event aims to change the perception from the previous concept of electronic documents to the concept of digital documents. Along with resolving the preconceived notions and distrust(Documents written in MS Office, documents which scanned paper documents, documents that are easy to falsify etc.) of existing electronic documents, it will be presenting the necessity and value of digital documents suitable for the digital society, and the event program will be organized with the latest market trends, cases of technology applications, and customer cases in digital documents.

Event Overview

- Name of Event : Digital Document Conference

- Date : 10:00 ~ 17:00, 12. 07(Wed.), 2022

- Venue : 3F, Conference Room(South) at COEX

- Theme of Event : This is the era of digital documents(Tentative title)

- Hosted by : Korea Digital Content Association, Electronic Times Internet

- Exhibition Event : “2022 Soft Wave” (12. 07 ~ 09)

- Visitor Target : Electronic document staff in the institutions and companies that use electronic documents, companies related to electronic documents, general public and students interested in electronic documents

- Size : keynote speech(1), topic presentation(11)