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Background of event

Digital transformation, software is the future.

Soft Wave is Korea’s representative software-ICT business fair.
Since it was held first time in 2016, it has established itself as the largest SW business exhibition in Korea both in name and reality based on the full support and participation of the SW industry, sponsorship from related ministries, and customer interest and participation.

2022 will be the first year of the digital transformation in which SW changes everything.
From game changer technology that will change the situation of the industry and economy to more advanced services, and products with global competitiveness, Soft Wave is a business market where SW products that combine with various technologies and industries to create new value meet customers.

We invite you to be the main players of the digital transformation in Soft Wave, which has been discovering next-generation and promising technologies and pioneering new markets and industrial opportunities.

SOFT WAVE Event overview

Period 10am – 5pm(Last entrance 4:30pm) 12. 07(Wed.) ~ 9(Fri.), 2022
Venue COEX Hall A
Size 500 booths from 250 companies, 20,000 visitors
Hosted by Soft Wave Organizing Committee
Sponsored by
Fields IT Service, PakageSW, AI, IoT, RPA, Blockchain, AR/VR, Security, Game/App/Contents, Other SW Convergence(communication/broadcast, medical care/bio, finance, automobile, energy, education, semiconductor, engineering, robot/drone, smart city)

Exhibition composition and exhibition items

Information protection, OS, Office, document, authoring tool, storage, other business solutions, and applications
System integration, big data, Cloud, Edge computer, ERP, supply chain management, customer relationship management, accounting management, middleware, network
Big-tech platform, search/portal, broadcasting communication, social/new media, media devices/network, O2O, advertisement/marketing tool, other information service
Game/Contents SW : Game, applications, engine development, video service, location-based service, audio-visual edutainment, CG, design, sound/image analysis, intellectual property service, other mobile/smart app